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Deer Valley, Arizona
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1988 Nissan 300ZX Straman Convertible

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Purchased December 4th, 2004 with 180,000 miles on her from the 2nd owner. Drove 310 miles from Phoenix, Arizona, to Hemet, California, with the four G35 coupe wheels and tires off my 50th AE in the back of my Bronco. Swapped the wheels and tires (old tires were bad) in the driveway and BSed with the seller for a little while. Thanked him and his wife, got directions out of town to avoid the parade, and left. Filled both cars up with gas on the way out and stopped at Taco Bell for some lunch. Uneventful drive most of the way home. When we got to about highway 85 turn off (in Arizona), it started misting on us. When we turned onto Loop 101, it started actually raining. Not hard, but enough. Found a couple places where the top to the window didn't seal perfectly. It was expected and not too bad. Got her home and dropped my friend off. Filled up the tank the next day and ended up getting about 25 mpg on the drive home. Not too bad for a 16 year old car with an automatic transmission. And oh yes. I am very happy.

2005-06-08 - Installed the MFPTBO front lip. The hood and headlight support beams are still not replaced yet. That will happen very soon.

2005-05-15 - Insurance and I have come to an agreement. They're still totalling out the car, but I'm going to receive $3706 for it. Which is more than enough to fix it. I also spent some time today working on it.

2005-05-02 - Spent some time on the phone with the insurance company this morning. Not too pleased about their lack of research. Estimated cost of repairs is about $3,600. Estimated value of the car is $2,800. I obviously feel this number is bull shit. They're off to do some more research. I only know of three Straman convertibles for sale at this time.

  • 1984 NA with 140,00 miles for $9500 obo.
  • 1984 turbo with 93,000 miles for $8,500 buy it now.
  • 1988 turbo with 107,000 miles for $5,500. - This car is no longer listed. I did request pictures before he sold it. They are available here.

    2005-04-29 - 1.5 hours of ripping off body panels. Not a whole lot of damage. Shouldn't be hard to repair. Have most of the external body parts already. Just need to figure out about the internal structure and supports. Can't wait for the insurance company to figure out what's going on. I have a car show in two more weeks to get this thing ready for. Probably get a whole new dual core radiator while I'm in there. No sense risking the car from overheating while I'm on the trip.

    2005-04-21 - Yep. I wrecked her. Nothing serious. No one was hurt. Rear ended a new full size Toyota truck. Barely any damage to his truck. I have full coverage, so no big deal. It'll all get fixed up and be better than before.

    2005-04-12 - Got new tires and wheels installed. No rubbing issues at all.

  • Wheel Manufacturer: Motegi Racing
  • Wheel Style: Touge
  • Wheel Specs: 17x9 +24
  • Tire Manufacturer: Falken
  • Tire Style: GR Beta FK-451
  • Tire Specs: 255/40ZR17

  • 2005-03-20 - These are the latest pictures I took of it. These were taken at the NOPI/Nissan Nationals - March 20, 2005 - Phoenix, Arizona. It was a beautiful weekend.

    2004-12-09 - These are pictures I took the day after I got it home to show it with the wheels and the top up and down. The pictures were taken for inqui-Z-tor's wheelshow page.

    2004-12-04 - These three pictures are pics the seller took after we finished putting the wheels on. The car hadn't finished settling yet.

    2004-11-20 - Some pictures he took shortly after he bought the car in August of 2004. Yep. He didn't have it that long.

    Pictures he sent me showing details about problems or focal points when he sent me an e-mail letting me know he was selling it to me.