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2006 Z31 Calendar Pre-Order Page

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This calendar is made for the Z31 owners who continuously get the short end of the stick. Ron Kimball and Brown Trout make a so called "Z Car Calendar". But they completely leave out the Z31 (84-89) models. They did for both the last two years calendars (2004 & 2005). I am very pleased that I was able to get the Z31 community to donate their personal time to help create this years Z31 Calendar. I feel that all of the pictures that were taken by amatuer photographers far exceed the pictures the other calendar features.

These calendars will be 17"x11" when opened up. There will be one main picture on the top half and the actual month with mini pictures on the lower half. So each month gets it's own full page.

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Featured Cars:
January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December

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Screen Captures:
Click image to enlarge

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Order: - (Price includes shipping in the US)

If you want to pay with a check or money order, e-mail me at

If you want more than twenty, contact me for pricing.

You can add to your order at any time simply by adding the appropriate amount to bring your total to the next desired level. If you ordered only one calendar the first time, you can easily increase to the second simply by subtracting the amount you already paid from the needed total. i.e. You paid $20 for one, and you now want two, simply send another $15 to bring your total to $35.

cash or paypal balance via paypal to
Select the number desired Shipping Selection Click to pay!

credit/debit card via paypal to
Select the number desired Shipping Selection Click to pay!

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Pricing Table:
Paypal gladly accepted. If you are sending cash withdrawn from your bank account (not your debit card or credit card tied to your checking account), send it to This MUST be a cash withdrawal from your bank account to send CASH. If you are using credit card numbers, or debit card numbers, send them as below. If you send me cash via a credit card to this account, your payment will be denied, and you will NOT receive a calendar.
If you are paying via a credit card or debit card (even if they are tied to your bank account), send it to
Use the links below to simplify your purchase!

Number of
check/M.O. or cash
via paypal to
credit/debit card
via paypal to
1$ 20.00 $ 20.91
2$ 35.00 $ 36.35
3$ 50.00 $ 51.80
4$ 65.00 $ 67.25
5$ 80.00 $ 82.70
6$ 97.50 $ 100.72
7$ 112.50 $ 116.17
8$ 127.50 $ 131.62
9$ 142.50 $ 147.06
10$ 157.50 $ 162.51
11$ 175.00 $ 180.54
12$ 190.00 $ 195.98
13$ 205.00 $ 211.43
14$ 220.00 $ 226.88
15$ 235.00 $ 242.33
16$ 250.00 $ 257.78
17$ 265.00 $ 273.22
18$ 280.00 $ 288.67
19$ 295.00 $ 304.12
20$ 310.00 $ 319.57
Residents outside of the US, please add $7 to cover extra shipping costs.

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Last Updated 03/28/06 - 10:00 AM (MST)

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