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Z31 4 to 5 Lug Swap Information - Rear

Front Swap Info
Order Part Code Description Part Numbers Applied Model Rear Axle Flange Control Arm Stub Axle
1 39600M(RH)
Drive Axle (Half Shaft) 39600-07F15(RH)
Non-Turbo Any non-turbo Any Any
Turbo Any turbo
2 38162A Lock Nut 43262-01P10 All Any Any Any
3 43213 Rear Axle Flange 43213-61L00 84-86 Non-T Any 84-86 Any
43213-F6500 84-86 Turbo
43213-21P05 87-89 Non-T Any 87-89
43213-22P05 87-89 Turbo
4 43252 Rear Axle Shaft Oil Seal (Inner) 43232-21000 84-86 All Any 84-86 Any 84-86 Any
43232-F6100 87-89 All Any 87-89 Any 87-89
5 43210 Rear Axle Bearing (Inner) 43210-21000 All Any Any Any
6 43090 Distance Piece 43090-01P00 Mark A Any Any Any
43091-01P00 Mark B or none
43092-01P00 Mark C
7 55501(RH)
Control Arm 55501-01P00(RH)
84-86 All Any 84-86 Any
87-89 All Any 87-89
8 43215 Rear Axle Bearing (Outer) 43215-19P00 84-86 All Any Any 84-86 Any
43215-21P05 87-89 All Any 87-89
9 43070 Rear Axle Bearing Spacer (outer) 43070-01P00 All Any Any Any
10 38162 Rear Axle Shaft 38162-01P11 4 lug Any Any
38162-02P01 5 lug
11 43222 Hub Bolt / Stud 43222-91P00 All Any Any Any
12 43242 Rear Axle Grease Catcher 43242-01P00 4 lug Any Any Any 4 lug
43242-02P00 5 lug Any 5 lug
13 43207 Rear Disk Brake Rotor 43206-P9601 84-85 4 lug Any Any Any 4 lug
43206-02P01 84-86 5 lug Any 5 lug
43206-24P01 87-89 All

Going by all this, the actual axle stubs are completely interchangable. Just be aware of the inner axle flange and the bearings.

The way I read it, to do a 4 to 5 lug swap, all you need is the 5 lug axle shafts (with the grease catchers and wheel studs) (part number 38162-02P01 x2) and the appropriate 5 lug rotor (part number 43206-02P01 x2). Of course, since you're pulling everything apart, it would be a good time to inspect and possibly replace the bearings and install with new oil seals and grease.