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ZBUM's Z31 300ZX Engine Swap Page

Yes. You can put just about any engine in a Z31.
No. No one makes a "KIT" to install one of these motors.
No. There are no writeups for any of the swaps.

What you'll need:

  • engine
  • wiring and ECU for engine
  • compatable transmission
  • custom driveshaft
  • custom crossmember
  • custom motor mounts
  • custom transmission mount
  • gobs of money to make these custom parts
  • gobs of time to fit it in the car
  • gobs of time troubleshooting the bugs

Engines seen in Z31s:

Estimated costs involved:
Expect to spend $1,000 to $10,000 depending on where you can source your parts.

Estimated time involved:
Expect to spend 100+ hours getting the motor and transmission into the car properly before you can even start it to get started on tuning. Once you get the engine to fire, expect another 30+ hours of getting it running right. And if you have to worry about emissions, double those numbers.

Value of your car when you're done:
The same as before you swapped. Unless you get a professional appraisal, your car isn't worth any more money than when you started. And you just sunk a few grand into it.

Value of the swap:
It has been documented by numerous people that swapping a VG30ET into an NA is far cheaper. It is also possible to get far more power from the VG30ET (or VG33ET) than any other motor given the same amount of dollars spent.

If you lack any basic common sense, or do not have any trouble shooting abilities, do not attempt any of the above swaps. There are always complications and unforseen factors that play a huge role in a project like an engine swap. You'll have to fabricate a number of parts yourself or have it done for you. No one will be there to tell you what part you're going to need and what part will fit.

If you want something different, take Morgan's suggestion and try a motorcycle engine or a VH45DE (Infiniti Q45 motor and yes, it fits). All other motors (even an SR20DET) have been swapped into the Z31. And you'll spend countless $$$ and hours doing it. If you are looking for power and staying Nissan, stick with the VG33ET.