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The 2005 Z31 Calendar

So I'm a glutten for punishment. I'll be doing the Z31 calendar again this year. I'll be collecting the pictures and making the initial cuts as to what pictures are acceptable.

READ ALL of this page before submitting pictures.


  • Primary subject of Photo must be a Z31. Other cars, people, buildings, etc in the picture are acceptable, but if they cannot totally overshadow the car.
  • The whole car must be visible in the picture. No pictures of 7/8 of the car or with the front or rear bumper cut off, etc.
  • Must have good and consistent lighting. No pictures of the car half in, half out of the shade, etc.
  • Limit of three full size images per vehicle. I don't want to sift through twenty pictures of the same car to find one I like.
  • Digital pictures for the full page MUST be at least 2.0 megapixels (1600x1200 pixels). Anything less will fall into the calendar fill in the actual calendar.
  • Regular still photos must be 4x6 glossy pictures. E-mail me for the address to send pictures to.
  • Do NOT blur out your license plate. Take the plate off if you don't want it in the picture.
  • Pictures submitted (not the cars or owners) for previous year calendars will not be accepted for full page presentation. All pictures must be new.
  • All requested information MUST be provided for ANY picture (see below for requirements).
    • Full Name
    • Message board nick name and message board
    • Full Address
    • First, Second and Third choice for Month to display your car in.
    • Year and Model Information of car/cars in picture
      • Number of seats
      • turbo or non
      • special edition?
    • Who took the photo.
    • optional: How you would like your info to appear.
      This is the standard:example:
      Full Name
      Year Model Info
      City, State
      Paul Hillman
      1984 50th AE Turbo
      Phoenix, Arizona

    * Exceptions may be made for artistically creative pictures (i.e. low ground shots from back tire to front of car, silhouette of car with naked chick on it, envelope full of money, etc).

Examples of last years submissions can be viewed here. Finalists and examples of last years calendar can be seen here. Note that prices for the 2005 calendar have not yet been set.

I am not expecting you to get a professional to take the picture (I won't stop you from it), but I am expecting you to take some time and preparation. Please read this link for information on helping you take a better picture. I will be tossing out pictures that I don't feel are up to snuff. I am NOT critiquing the cars that are pictured. This calendar is about the Z31, not about who has the nicest car. A better picture of a not so perfect car will likely get a higher ranking than a nicer car with a poor picture quality.

I will try to post pictures as I get them. The pictures will be available for viewing on this page. If you have already submitted three pictures and wish to change them, this page will help you decide which ones to swap out. Pictures will not be accepted any later than October 3rd, 2004.

There will be a vote on the pictures around the first or second week of October with prizes awarded for the top three choices. I will be disqualified from the awards. My car will appear in the calendar (hey, I'm making it, I can do what I want). The cover car will appear as a featured month in the calendar.

1st placeFirst choice of month for full page
Free calendar
2nd place2nd choice of month for full page
Calendar for shipping cost ($3.85)
3rd place3rd choice of month for full page
Half price calendar

If your pictures don't meet the requirements, I will tell you they don't meet requirements and tell you why.

Like DryZ, I am not out to make a bunch of money off these. I'm out to basically cover costs plus a little for my time (like less than a buck or two, okay?).

If you really want to make it easy for me (and help eliminate confusion too), name the images first name dot last name dot image number(1, 2, or 3) dot jpg. This will help me when it comes time to save pictures and upload them. i.e. "joe.smith.1.jpg", "joe.smith.2.jpg", etc.

E-Mail digital pictures to me at

Pictures will be kept at least until the first calendars go to printing. If you want your pictures returned, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.

Rules are subject to change. These are not open to negotiations, but your comments and concerns will be noted.

I am not taking orders or money at this time!!!